Book of Romans

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“Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, And whose sins are covered; Blessed is the man to whom the Lord shall not impute sin.” (Romans 4: 7-8)

When Paul was formulating the basis of the Gospel, he told us that the content of the Gospel was not based on certain inputs from any religions in this world. And yet, the content of the Gospel can be clearly accepted by all humans. The gospel is not only acceptable by the human mind, but also by the human heart.

In English, the word Gospel comes from the Greek, and means “Good News”. In order to make everyone understand why the gospel is called good news, the people must also know very bad news. Through the Gospel, men are told that the real condition of a human heart is evil, lost, in darkness, rebellious—enemies of God and dead without Jesus. 

Through the Gospel we are told that salvation can only be obtained through faith in Jesus Christ. Why is it only through Jesus Christ? Abraham was the Father of the Jewish people and through Abraham's descendants came salvation to the nations. The lineage showed that Jesus Christ was from Abraham. Both Jews and Gentiles need redemption from Jesus Christ.

When we have received the Gospel of Salvation, we are justified by Jesus Christ. We do not immediately become perfect human beings, but we have become children of God. Often we go through bad things or even do bad things, but God's love gives us hope to realize and receive God's forgiveness.

God's love gives us hope to realize and receive God's forgiveness.