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Anointed Before You’re Appointed

Can we be H.O.T. (Humble, Open, and Transparent) for a second? We are all guilty. 

At some point, we have fallen into the enemy’s trap of idolizing the appearance of being anointed by God, rather than falling in love with the One who marks and anoints us in the first place.  We desire the position over His presence, but today, God is calling us to a greater level of humility and obedience.  

So you’re anointed, but how are you waiting? How are you serving God and His people? In this season, God is wanting to see if He can mark you and trust you to remain obedient, humble, and honoring to others even when you are in the middle... waiting in private. 

Ask yourself.  Have you been doing the last thing that God told you to do with a cheerful heart or are you fighting tooth and nail to make whatever “IT” is happen in your own strength? When you are doing the last thing that God told you to do, you will never have to work for your position, the position will come to you.  When we are marked by God, He calls us to a pace of grace. He doesn’t want us to strive towards purpose, but to stride. Maybe God has called you to global ministry and you’re disappointed because your current audience consists of your five coworkers.  Do you know that nothing you do is wasted and it will all be used for His glory? God wants to know if you will steward His word in private,  in and out of season, because stewardship is the heart of God.  You might be in a place where you are struggling with the obstacles that come with not being in your “appointed sweet spot”, but know that when you're marked and going through the development process your opportunities will often be wrapped in obstacles. Even when it’s hard, will you steward over what He’s given you now, in private,  so that you can be victorious in public? God is writing a story that no man will be able to take credit for. You are marked, you are anointed, but will you trust God to handle how you’re appointed?


Are you stewarding over what God has given you today?


Lord,  Show me how to wait patiently and with humility as you prepare me for my future. Thank you in advance for your wisdom and guidance.