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Approved in Private

God wants you to not only recognize that you are marked by Him, but He wants you to surrender to Him and the process that it takes for your purpose to develop and mature. Oftentimes, when we recognize the unique plan God has for our life, we want to skip the process and step into the finished product of what He has declared over us. What God wants to do in and through your life is something that cannot be on display until it is fully developed in Him. God wants to approve of you in private.  Being approved in private goes against our culture because we want everyone to recognize and validate what God is doing in our life.  God wants to approve you in private because there is something that He is working out of you that wouldn't survive in public. Today, our social media feeds are full of premature declarations shared by people who were marked by God, but were unable to practice the patience to be approved in private.  God wants to develop us in private so we can effectively demonstrate our purpose in public. Just because everyone doesn’t know, it doesn't mean you aren’t marked. 

In the story of King David, before He was king, he was a shepherd. In fact, The day that He was marked by God, he wasn’t even invited to the party, he was serving in the field. He later was invited to the party and was anointed and marked to be king, but was sent back to serve in the field shortly after.  We must cancel the idea that elevation must take place immediately. 

There is a process of preparation in private that God wants all of us to walk through before we demonstrate our purpose publicly. You may be in a place where you know God has called you to greater than what you’re experiencing right now, but God wants to remind you that you’re still marked, even if no one else sees it. Obscurity produces integrity. Your approval is taking place in private by the One who marked you!


What could God be working out of you in private, before He calls you to demonstrate in public?


Lord, Help me to not seek approval from others, but from you alone.  Show me how to be patient and open to the process of you approving me in private.