Postures Of Advent: A Daily Christmas Devotional


The posture the Wise Men take when they visit Jesus is both physical and spiritual. 

They are overjoyed, a rare but much-needed heart posture in our world.

They bow and worship. These were accomplished men who had knowledge and wealth, but to them, something about Jesus was more powerful than their worldly power. They saw this baby as worthy of praise.

They give gifts and not just any gifts. The Bible describes their gifts as treasures. They offer their best to Jesus.

They are attentive to God’s leading. They protect Jesus by taking a different route away from Herod. They allow God to lead them even when it interrupts their plans. 

The Wise Men are well-known characters in the nativity story. But when we dig into their story, we see that their choices and actions were quite radical.

Read the passage once more and highlight the words that stand out to you, then reflect on the following questions:

  • What are you learning from the ways the Wise Men worshipped Jesus? 

  • What does worship look like for you? 

  • How do you assume the posture of adoration before God?

  • Are you attentive to how God is leading you? Are you open to going a different way than you’d planned?  

As you come before the manger to adore Jesus in this season like the Wise Men, may you be filled with expectation and joy.