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Change Your Words, Change Your MarriageSample

Change Your Words, Change Your Marriage

DAY 1 OF 10

The Creative Power of Words in Marriage

I’m inviting you to take a ten-day journey for the sake of your marriage. You will likely encounter truth that you have never thought of before. Keep an open mind and ask the Lord to engage your spiritual ears as you read His word and my simple writings.

Did you know God has a voice? Here’s a mesmerizing thought: God often spoke to Adam and Eve. He blessed them. God told them what was good to eat. God, Himself, brought every animal and bird to Adam and waited to see what he would name them.

God spoke words. God opened His mouth, and the light was formed—all the laws of electricity, magnetism, gravity, and others burst into the place! (Gen. 1:3) Here’s the point: God’s words have a power that we can’t imagine.

Adam and Eve were formed in the image of God, as are you and your spouse. Grab hold of this though: along with creating us in His image, God gave us His language. Whoa! His very language! Understanding the power of your words should stop you in your tracks to consider the potential of your words in marriage.

The words that come out of your mouth have the power to create harmony or lead to hopelessness in your marriage. I like to say that encouraging words are verbal nutrients to your soul. And they will have that precise impact on your relationship with your spouse.

Gracious words will fortify your relationship.

Compliments will give your spouse confidence.

Affectionate words will create security in your marriage.

Kindness will let your spouse know they are deeply loved.

Be soft with your words, and you will create an atmosphere of peace.

Your words will define your actions and they will expose your thoughts. Ask the Holy Spirit right now to begin the work in your heart that will produce words that rekindle dreams and restore hope.

Read on tomorrow. You will reach a new level of understanding about the destructive power of complaining, sarcasm, criticism, judgments, and gossip in your marriage. And you will learn how to conquer them.

Day 2

About this Plan

Change Your Words, Change Your Marriage

God’s design for couples is to pursue oneness through speaking words of truth and kindness. This 10-day reading plan by Tim Cameron will help make clear the ramifications of complaining, criticism, judgments, gossip, and...


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