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The Triumphant TestimonySample

The Triumphant Testimony

DAY 3 OF 3

Testimony = Focus

God has a way of turning our worst moments into our moments of great testimony. When we trust the Lord with our present, he helps us heal the wounds of our past— not that our past will ever disappear this side of eternity but that we can help others through our own stories of redemption.

I have a dear friend whose son died in his early thirties. I knew him when it happened, and it almost consumed him in grief. He was the lowest he had ever been. I remember the darkness that seemed to surround that time, and the pain the family was feeling. It seemed to cripple strong men.

Why did this have to happen? I do not know nor will I ever know. It was a bad situation and very painful. However, I have found how God can take our mess and make it someone else’s miracle. He does it through the testimony of the battle beaten.

My friend is a plumber. He finds himself in homes all the time of complete strangers. While he is there talking with the homeowners many times he finds out they have lost a child as well. I guess the Bible is correct when it says, “our steps are ordered by the Lord.” These families begin to open up to him because they feel comfortable talking with someone who has a similar scar.

Therefore, when this happens, the door opens up to share, to testify. What happens is he ends up praying with them. Sometimes someone who would never enter the doors of the church accepts Jesus as their Savior in their living room. A plumber leads them to the Lord when a preacher is not present.

It is the power of testimony. Sometimes our greatest pain produces the greatest salvations when we begin to live out our testimony. Job in the Bible lost almost everything. He lost his herds, his servants, and even his children, yet he never lost his focus. Even in the middle of his pain, Job never let the pain from battle surpass his belief in who God is. His pain painted his testimony.

Jesus assured us “In this life you will have trouble,” but it doesn’t change anything about who God is. When we use our test as a testimony, God gives us a seat at a table where we normally would have no place.

Engagement Point

Keep your focus through your pain. Remember that Christ has overcome this world.

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The Triumphant Testimony

One of your most powerful weapons against the enemy is your testimony. Your testimony is not only a direct attack against the devil, but also an encouragement to others who are fighting battles of their own. When we tell...


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