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The Triumphant TestimonySample

The Triumphant Testimony

DAY 1 OF 3

Testimony = Test

There can be no testimony without a test. No one wants to endure hardship or pain. However, when we triumph through the Lord it gives us a weapon against the enemy and a tool of encouragement to others. Our testimony is a powerful weapon because it reminds the devil he cannot win. Therefore, it is possible for us to bear our battle scars yet wear the victor’s crown through Jesus.

There is power in remembering. See if we want to win today, we need to remember He is the God who gave us victory yesterday. It is easy to get so overwhelmed by the troubles of today and forget that God was faithful in the past. Remember, you are still here, and if you have a pulse, you have a purpose.

David in I Samuel 30 is having a bad day. He comes back from battle to find the town burned and his wife and the wives and children of his men taken captive. David is discouraged, and his men are ready to kill him in mutiny. David has gone from victorious leader to the reason his men’s families are gone. What is David to do now?

David takes a minute and it says “David encouraged himself in the Lord.” I imagine he reminded himself of all that God had done in the past. He remembered all the victories. He then gets up, pursues his enemies, slays them, and takes back the men’s families unharmed. When he remembered the Lord of yesterday, it gave him the strength to fight the battle of today.

It is key to remember what God has done for us in the past and how He never left us. When we remember Him and His faithfulness, it encourages us to push through whatever we may face. God’s character and His faithfulness never change. It gives us an anchor through every storm.

Our testimony is our greatest weapon. Tests may be difficult—some even gut wrenching—but it opens doors for us to speak directly to others' situations. It gives you clear vision into someone else’s struggle.  

Engagement Point

Take some time today to remember God’s faithfulness yesterday. Encourage yourself in the Lord, dust yourself off, and pursue your enemy.

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The Triumphant Testimony

One of your most powerful weapons against the enemy is your testimony. Your testimony is not only a direct attack against the devil, but also an encouragement to others who are fighting battles of their own. When we tell...


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