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The Triumphant TestimonySample

The Triumphant Testimony

DAY 2 OF 3

Testimony = Remembering

Sometimes the best way to remember yesterday is to build something so in the future you remember your victory in that season. Joshua, when he was finally leading the people of Israel into the promised land, was told by the Lord to erect a monument to remind everyone in the future of how God rolled back the water ahead of them that day. They gathered stones and built the monument there next to the Jordan River.

My father-in-law has pastored for nearly 40 years. He keeps items he has been given or he has collected to remind him who he is. One of those items is a shepherd staff he was given. It reminds him of how he is a shepherd. It reminds him of he is to lead and feed the flock God has placed under his care.

There are days he wakes up and is discouraged. Days in ministry can grow long and hard and often without much encouragement. It is in those times he can look at the items like the shepherd staff and remember God’s call on his life and why it is he does all that he does.  When the days grow long and hard, physical reminders can bring spiritual strength and emotional healing.

Not only are physical reminders a great way for you to remember but also they are a great conversation starter. When asked about these items, we get the chance to testify of God’s mighty presence during that season. Our testimony when spoken will not only encourage us but it also encourages those to whom we share it. Our testimony has the power to change our countenance and the countenance of others.

For Joshua it was a pile of stones. It sat by the river, and no one would be able to retreat back into the wilderness without the reminder of how faithful the Lord had been to Israel on their arrival to the promised land. The pile of stone spoke of a God who lead the way and fulfilled his promise to Israel. 

We need reminders in our life, so we do not forget the faithfulness of our God. We need items we can see with our eyes or hold with our hands that were there when God showed up and showed out. We need these items because they testify of a God who did it then and will do it again.

Engagement Point

Look around and identify the items you have in your life that remind you of a time that God showed up. Keep those items close by so when you are discouraged all you have to do is hold them and remember how God faithfully showed up. 


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The Triumphant Testimony

One of your most powerful weapons against the enemy is your testimony. Your testimony is not only a direct attack against the devil, but also an encouragement to others who are fighting battles of their own. When we tell...


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