4 Days To Deeper Intimacy In Marriage

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Deepen Your Intimacy With God

As you may have guessed from today’s readings, there’s one final way to deepen your intimacy with your spouse, and that’s to deepen your intimacy… with God. Think of God as the center of a circle, and you and your spouse as two points on the edge of that circle. Now draw lines from those points to the center. Got it? Think about it: the closer you and your spouse journey toward God – the center – the closer you will be to one another. This works whether you start on opposite sides of the circle or right next to one another; as you move toward the center, you’ll only grow closer and closer. How are you and your spouse working toward deepening your spiritual intimacy? Sharing this scripture-reading plan is a start; now move on toward talking about your faith, reading the same devotional books, or discussing the Sunday sermon on the way home from church. Spiritual intimacy through this kind of unity is possibly the most eternally rewarding kind of intimacy in marriage, so take some time now and in the future to go deep with God… and with each other.