Pray While You’re Prey Devotion For Singles, Part III

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Never-Ending Conversation

At some point in my life, I realized that what I deemed to be me just talking to myself was not me talking to myself at all. It was prayer. Prior to this point, I felt that in order to pray, I had to get on my knees, bow my head, and close my eyes. Or, I felt I had to lay prostrate before Him to get His attention. But, as my pastor often says prayer is not about a position. Whether I am driving in my car, sitting in my classroom, on my couch in my living, in the mall, in church, in bed, it does not matter, I can pray all of the time. And, thank God for that!

When the Bible says to pray without ceasing, I used to think that it was impossible. Then, I got in touch with my inner dialogue and I discovered that the things I was saying, thinking, and asking were not things for which I had answers. The only One who could calm my innermost fears or answer my deeply thought-out questions was God Himself. So, I realized that prayer is a conversation. It is the constant conversation that I have with Christ. It is the time when I stop to praise Him for the sunshine that pokes through on a rainy day. It is the time when I am taken aback by the fact that He loves me and I did nothing to deserve it. It is the time when my mind wanders into place it has no business going and I ask for forgiveness. It is the times when I have questions and I ask the all-knowing Father.

Without constant communication between God and I, there is no telling how many more mistakes I would have made in my life. I have already made plenty trying to be a big girl and do things on my own. There were many times when I refused to talk to God about something because I didn’t want to know His answer. It is the same way we pick and choose which friends to go to for advice. It seems more comforting to hear what we want to hear, but in communication with God, He wants us to hear what we need to hear.

In the single season, depending on how social a creature one is, there is a lot of time spent alone. That time can be dark and depressing or it can be peaceful and productive. One way to enjoy the “me” time that God has blessed us with is to communicate with Him and to listen to find out what the best use of our time will be. How can we be vessels for God in this season? How can we allow Him alone to be our comfort and our all? God will answer these questions and many others, but we have to talk to Him. We must have a never-ending conversation.


Thank You, God for being a God who will allow me to speak to Him and will answer me when I have questions.

Please forgive me for seeking to communicate with others before I seek You.

Lord, please help me to listen and never be afraid to come to You with praises, confessions and concerns.

In Jesus’ Name,