Pray While You’re Prey Devotion For Singles, Part III

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Looking Around

One of the most dangerous things a single Christian can do is start looking around at other single people, especially those that are not Christians. Inevitably, it will seem as though we are doing everything right, but remain single while they are doing everything wrong and are dating and happy. Looking around at other people’s lives is detrimental to your spiritual walk, so do not do it. The devil knows this weapon of mass destruction. He will whisper in your ear every time you look at another person who has what you believe you want and try to convince you that God is holding out on you.

Here are some examples: you go out with friends, dressed in an appealing, but modest way. Your smile catches the attention of some men, but every time you look around, the men are dancing, flirting, or talking with a girl who is not leaving anything to the imagination. You start to think, “What gives? I am presenting myself in an appropriate way. I am not being overtly sexual, but I am also not a prude. Why don’t I get any attention?”

For the guys, you engage a woman in intelligent conversation. You make her laugh and maybe you even compliment her. But, you see her desperately pursuing a guy who talks down to her and grabs her backside. You start to think, “Is being a respectful guy even worth it? Why do nice guys finish last?”

In all honesty, are these really the people we want in our lives? Hopefully, the answer is no. If not, you may want to take some time and pray about that. God knows what is best for us. I know that it seems like we are doing everything right (although, there is always room for improvement) and remain single. Meanwhile, others are drinking heavily, having casual sex, and just being plain wrong, but they get to be a part of a couple. But the happiness that those who behave wickedly seem to be enjoying is fleeting. The joy of the obedient Christian is eternal.

While it may look like the wicked are prospering and the wise are suffering, consider that there would be far worse suffering if we chose the path of the wicked over patiently waiting on God. Do not get caught up in looking around at other people. Be content with what God has given you in this moment, knowing that He cares for you and knows what is best for you. It matters not whether those behaving badly are happy. That is between them and God. What truly matters is that we trust God enough to believe in His promises for our lives and not to focus on others.


Thank You, God for being faithful and trustworthy.

Please forgive me for being envious of what others have especially when they are not living in obedience to You.

Lord, please help me to be still, steadfast and content knowing that You know what is best for me and when to add it to my life.

In Jesus’ Name,