Pray While You’re Prey Devotion For Singles, Part III

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The Inside Scoop

I have made so many mistakes in judgment when it comes to character that one day I said, “Okay, God, I need You to put a force field around me, so that no one who is not good for me can get to me. And then, when the right one comes along, I need You to put a big, bright, neon sign (like “Eat at Joe’s”) over his head. I had lost faith in my ability to make right decisions. That lack of confidence in my relationship decisions spilled over into every other decision in my life.

In the beginning, my disdain for the prospect of making bad decisions was paralyzing. I literally was not willing to make any moves because I feared that I might make the wrong move and end up headed in the wrong direction and knocking myself further off-course. However, eventually, I realized that I had someone better to trust than myself: God. My miscues led me to put all of my trust in Him. And, not just in the major things like jobs, relationships, money; in EVERYTHING.

I fear the Lord. I am not scared of God (although, I am glad to be living in the age of grace--have you read the Old Testament?); I reverence God. I respect God. I have learned that God knows what is best for me and that He has a future plan for me and a right now plan for me that will work out for my good if I will listen to Him and obey His voice.

I have to believe that as I continue to show reverence for God, whether in quiet time or by simply being obedient to His leading, He will reveal anything that I need to know to me. That is the beauty of the God we serve. Anything that He is not showing us, He is holding back for a good reason. That gives me hope as I wait for my spouse to come into my life. I am not being obedient to get answers or to get what I want. If that were the case, I would have stopped being obedient when I felt God was saying ‘no’ and ‘wait’ too much. I am being obedient because I respectfully fear the Lord and His greatness. I know that He is stronger and wiser than I will ever comprehend. So, I will wait patiently for His secrets to my life to be revealed.


Thank You, God for loving me enough to not give me any information that I will misuse.

Please forgive me for not being respectful to You in my actions and in the way I divide up my time.

Lord, please help me to listen, move when necessary and be still when necessary.
In Jesus’ Name,