Healed by Jesus

Healed by Jesus

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While We Wait

We’ve read about some amazing stories where Jesus healed people while He walked this earth. Sometimes His spoken word healed people, and other times, His gentle touch brought wholeness. With each healing, we read about people believing in Him because of what He did in someone’s life. Thankfully, Jesus didn’t just heal for the 33 years He was alive on earth. Jesus still heals today in more ways that we can comprehend! 

Maybe you’re in need of His healing touch and you’re asking: Why hasn’t Jesus healed me? Just like the woman in the Bible who bled for 12 years, our healing—our miracle—may still be “in process.” Let’s not lose hope in who Jesus is and what He can do. While we’re waiting on our own miracle of healing, let’s choose to rejoice in someone else’s. Just because Jesus hasn’t healed you, doesn't mean He won’t, and just because Jesus has seemed silent, doesn’t mean He is. 

The hard answer to the question “Why hasn’t Jesus healed me?” is this: He may not. Countless people have suffered their entire lives with some sort of ailment, and many have passed away even with absolute faith they would be healed. We have to understand that our idea of healing may not line up with God’s. Whether or not our healing comes is ultimately not our decision. We can only do our part. Jesus does His. We trust. Jesus heals.

One last thought before we finish this Plan. Why did Jesus heal people? So people would believe (John 4:53 NIV). It’s not that He didn’t want people to be made physically, mentally, or emotionally whole, because He did. Clearly, He had compassion on so many, and chose to heal them. But, Jesus’s mission on this earth was to glorify His Father in heaven and be the sacrifice for the sins of the world. 

It’s often in our struggle and suffering where others see a beautiful picture of Jesus. How we live for Him when we’re in the middle of our storm, in the middle of our waiting, could be the catalyst that brings someone to Jesus. 

Miracles—both big and small—are all around us. We want a huge miracle to be performed, yet we miss the small ones along the way. If we’re focused on what we don’t have yet, we’ll miss what God is doing around us, in us, and through us. 

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Healed by Jesus

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