Healed by Jesus

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We All Need Healing

All of us need some type of healing in our lives. We might have a physical illness, emotional trauma, mental distress, or spiritual burden that we just keep battling even after years of praying it away. 

The people who were alive when Jesus walked the earth were no different than us. They had kids who were sick, diseases that alienated them, and mental struggles that kept them imprisoned. And although they may not have known who Jesus truly was, they knew one thing: calling on Him for healing was their last hope. So they did. 

The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are filled with stories of people being healed by Jesus. And not just the typical “placing your hand on someone” kind of healing, but He healed people in many different ways. People were healed when He spoke to them, touched them, questioned them, and even when He did unusual things like spitting in the mud and sending people away to see a priest. 

We don’t know every instance of healing that occurred while Jesus was on the earth. We’re told by John that there wouldn’t be enough room to write down every amazing thing Jesus did (John 21:25 NIV). Basically, if you were in Jesus’s presence or not, or if you struggled in your belief or not, Jesus had the power to heal you. 

Let’s take the son of a prominent government official in John 4. This man’s son was very ill, and close to death. When he heard that Jesus was in town, he found Jesus and begged Him to heal his sick son. Jesus stayed where he was and simply said, “Go … your son will live” (John 4:50 NIV). We’ll later learn that the son did indeed get better. In fact, the moment Jesus spoke was the moment the fever left the boy. 

What an amazing miracle! Jesus wasn’t even near the boy nor did he lay eyes on him. He literally spoke five words, and just like that, the son was healed and an entire family believed in Jesus. Regardless of how Jesus heals, we just need to recognize that He heals and does it how He sees fit. 

In the following days of this Plan, we’ll learn about a variety of ways that Jesus healed people. May it encourage us that our Savior was a miracle worker, and is still working miracles today. Let’s pray that we have eyes to see them.