Healed by Jesus

Healed by Jesus

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The Grateful One

In Luke 17:11-19, we’re told about the story where Jesus came upon ten lepers. Their illness was contagious and caused them to be shunned from society. Yet, they called out to him and said, “Jesus, Master, have pity on us!” (Luke 17:13 NIV) 

Upon their request, Jesus didn’t speak in a parable or ask them questions. He simply told them to go “show themselves to a priest” (Luke 17:14 NIV). They did, and as they were on their way, the verse says they were healed. Every single one of them was healed. 

As we’ve discussed, the ways Jesus healed people was unique and rarely the same. This time was no different. The way these ten lepers were healed was when they were given instructions by Jesus to see the priest. He didn’t pray a lengthy prayer rebuking the disease. He didn’t touch them so that their illness would be instantly gone. No, He just told them to do something, and as they did, they were healed.

For ten men to be so ridiculed and cast away from society and only have one come back to thank Jesus is quite baffling for us, isn’t it? We’d expect these lepers who were sick and despised to come back and fall at the feet of Jesus. Only one did. One leper fell at the feet of Jesus and praised God.

Things occur in our lives every day that should send us to the feet of Jesus with a grateful heart. Many things we’re aware of, like healthy relationships, rewarding jobs, and financial provision. But, there are also many things that are beyond our sights and we have no idea to even be thankful for them. We don’t know everything God has spared us of, but rest assured, He has.

Let’s seek to become grateful people and express our thanks to our good God. He so powerfully moves in our lives every day. He carries us when we’re burdened, and strengthens us when we’re weak. He is the most amazing gift giver and relationship restorer. He is always near us, leading and guiding us as we take steps to trust Him more. He is absolutely deserving of our gratitude.


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Healed by Jesus

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