That We may Believe: Reading Through John


If we’re honest with ourselves, at times we’ve been blinded by what we want just like the folks in John chapter 6. They wanted their stomachs filled because they remembered how delicious the fish and bread tasted the day before (John 6:1-13). Focused on their physical needs, they sought Jesus out, looking for more bread. He offered them spiritual food instead. When He called them to a deeper commitment, one based on belief, they insisted He prove Himself.

In John 6:2, you’ll see that previously these same people “followed Him because they saw the signs He performed by healing the sick.” They were present as He fed 5,000 men, not including the women and children. They also had a good idea of how He crossed the lake. They expected Him to be their king (vs. 15) and couldn’t understand the kingdom He offered wasn’t the one they envisioned. So they doubted His abilities. “What will You do?” they asked. Here’s a tough question. Do you ever doubt Jesus? 

I admit my selfish demands can blind me to the truth and cause me to question God. If I desire something and He says no, I’ll challenge His good intentions toward me. When my prayers aren’t answered due to self-centered requests, I’ll question His ability. Or if He speaks a truth I don’t want to hear, I’ll accuse Him of not caring. Whenever I doubt His goodness, it keeps me from seeing God for who He is, and then I want Him to validate Himself again.

Good news! The Holy Spirit reveals God’s truth to us. Whether or not God gives us what we want, His intentions for our lives are always good. Jesus can open our hearts to see what’s true and our understanding to recognize His amazing works in our lives. Being secure and surrendered in Him means we don’t have to demand a sign.

In what area of your life are you most apt to doubt Jesus? 

~ Lollie Hofer