That We may Believe: Reading Through John


 I used to think “being good” made me a Christian. After all, aren’t God’s people supposed to make kind and right decisions, follow rules, go to church, and be all-around “good” people? 

I believed this philosophy, so I worked hard and followed the rules. I attended church. I put on a smile. I offered nice words to people. I sang all the right hymns, and I even accompanied on the piano at a variety of area churches. Whenever folks inquired if I was a Christian, I’d nod and offer a healthy, “Yes!”

But that belief brings a problem. Jesus didn’t die so that I could follow a set of rules. He gave His life so that I, once spiritually dead, might live. 

Being a Christian isn’t about being good. It’s not about going to church, making good decisions, or following rules. It’s about living empowered by Christ and for Him. It’s about finding ourselves in Him. 

Take a few minutes to remember your gift of salvation—that time when you believed in Jesus as your Savior. If that moment hasn’t come, consider your opportunity today. Simply talk to Jesus. Let Him know you believe in Him. Ask Him to forgive your sins and to flood your soul with life and light.

Have you asked Jesus to forgive your sins?

~Kristi Woods