Ephesians: How to Love Like Jesus



We were all stuck at the bottom of a deep well. With no ladder, rope, or steps, we couldn't escape. This is the image we see at the beginning of Ephesians 2. But God sent His Son to save us. Jesus didn’t just let down a ladder, or throw down a rope, He joined us at the bottom of the well, and then when the time came, He helped push us out, taking our place at the bottom of the well. We were helpless, deserving our fate and hopeless in our sin, but God, in His love for us, took mercy on us. Nothing we could have done would have brought us out of the well, out of our place of sin and death. But we were saved by God’s grace. 


  1. God’s grace is freely given to us, even though we were dead in our sins. How does this gift of God make you feel? What is your response to God pulling you out of the depths of your sins?

  2. Verse 10 tells us that we were created to do Jesus’ good work. What are these good works? How can you follow the example of Jesus shown in verse 6-8?

  3. Who can you share God’s love with today? Who can you show the same mercy that God first showed you?


Lord, You met me when I was still a sinner. As I sat in a pit of darkness, You reached down and brought me out into the light. Thank you for the loving kindness You showed by sending Your Son to die on a cross for me. I was deserving of death, but You took mercy on me. Help me to remember Your great love every day. Amen.