Ephesians: How to Love Like Jesus



In school, we’re told that passing off someone else’s work as our own is wrong. Most of the time, if a teacher finds out that we’ve plagiarized, we’re punished. But in this passage of Ephesians, we are wonderfully and freely given the grace of God. When God sees us, He sees the sacrifice of Jesus, and the sins of our life are forgiven. On judgment day, we will no longer be submitting our own sin-filled life for God’s inspection. We are told in verse 13 that we are instead marked by a seal, the Holy Spirit, and this seal is a sign that Christ’s spotless record, His sinless life, can be submitted as our own. By placing our faith in Him, we can share in the hope and redemption that Jesus brings. 


  1. Verse 12 uses the phrase “praise of His [Jesus’] glory.” What does this mean? How can our faith bring praise to Jesus?

  2. Verse 13 tells us that we have been marked by the Holy Spirit, which has guaranteed our inheritance in Jesus. How is this a comfort to you in your walk with Jesus? 

  3. In verse 10 Paul explains God’s will — “To bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ.” What would it look like for you to pursue unity under Christ with others in your life? Today, how can you share the love of Jesus and the redemption He brings?


Lord, thank you for blessing me with Your son and adopting me as Your own. Despite my failings, You have brought me into Your family — freely giving me grace in the blood of Jesus. Help me to share Your love and grace with those who don’t yet know You.