Daily Bible Reading - August 2020 God's Life-Giving Word of Forgiveness and Mercy



August 1


God promises to allow the people of Israel to return to Judah and promises to arrange for their escape from Babylon. The most direct path back to Judah from Babylon was through the desert. Such a journey would be dangerous, but the LORD promises to provide water in the desert, just as he had done in the earlier exodus (Exodus 15:22-27; 17:1-7; Numbers 20:1-13).

Scripture Reading 

Isaiah 43:1-21

Today’s Key Verse: Isaiah 43:1b

[The LORD says:] “Do not be afraid—I will save you. I have called you by name—you are mine.”


How will God rescue the people? What verses speak of God’s assurance of safety? What is the “new thing” that God will do (verse 19)? Does God do “new things” today?


Lord God, you have called me by name and I am yours. You alone are God and I thank and praise you for your life-giving love. Amen.

Prayer Concern

Nomadic peoples throughout the world 

Tomorrow’s Reading

Isaiah 49:8-26: The LORD promises to restore Jerusalem.

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