Live Free: A Study of Galatians


 We have a remarkable tendency to forget. Perhaps this is amplified by the myriad of information sources that barrage our consciousness every waking moment. And yet, our tendency to allow important facts, names and values to drift and fade from memory is not a new problem for humanity. 

Shakespeare addressed this dilemma in his play "The Tempest" when he wrote, “It is far off; and rather like a dream than an assurance that my remembrance warrants” (Act 1, Scene 2). These words spoken by a young woman named Miranda reference her inability to recall who took care of her as a child. Isolated and alone with only her father and a friend, all recollection of her past had faded away. As he so often did, Shakespeare used his writing to tackle universal human issues and challenges. 

The convictions that transformed us begin to seem “rather like a dream” instead of life changing truths. In our passage today, we learn that as time passed, the Galatians began to forget the freedom they received when they accepted Christ. Paul is writing to them to challenge them to walk in freedom once again. He is reminding them to hold firmly to the passion and conviction they believed so strongly, when they first heard the gospel. 

It is really easy for us to allow isolation, the passing of time and forgetfulness to cause us to drift in our spiritual lives. As you read today be reminded of the freedom that God offers us, and boldly choose to walk in that freedom. Choose to live free


Have you allowed your freedom in Jesus to fade in any way?


Ask Jesus to help you reengage in a life of freedom with Him. If you are doing well, ask Jesus to protect you from the human tendency to drift.