Live Free: A Study of Galatians


 As a kid, I loved reading the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. These stories place the reader at the center of the action as the main character. As the protagonist of each story, I loved the thrill of living vicariously through the harrowing events of each tale. Every few pages, your character comes to a critical decision. Your character would be in the middle of a chase, running away from a villain or in a crisis of seemingly epic proportions, and as the reader you would be faced with a story- altering choice. This would be followed with a page number to turn to based on your choice. Once you flipped to the chosen page, the story continued. 

In many ways, our spiritual journey can seem like pages out of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel. God has given us free will, and we are continually faced with choices that have dramatic impact on the next phase of our lives. In today’s portion of Galatians, Paul refers to a story from the Old Testament in which Abraham had two sons, one by his wife and one with a slave woman. Paul references this story as an analogy to the choices that followers of Jesus have regarding how we choose to live. We can choose to live under the restrictions and limitations of being enslaved to our past, or we can choose to live in the freedom that comes from being “children of the promise.” 

So today, as you read... choose your own adventure. Choose to live as a child of God. Choose to live free


How can you choose to live as a child of God today?


Ask God to show you the decisions in your life that will lead to greater understanding of the freedom He has for you.