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Day 1: The Power of Godly Habits

Is all well with you, dear friend? I pray that you’re healthy in body and strong in spirit. John’s greeting to his friend Gaius contains three personal goals that we can set for ourselves:

1. to experience wellness

2. to have a healthy body

3. to have a strong spirit 

John commends Gaius for his faithfulness and for living according to the truth. What truths are you living out regarding your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being? As we dive into God’s word and search out godly habits we will move from feeling like we have to do this, to wanting to do this, to being grateful that we’re able to do this! 

It is said that our cravings motivate our actions and our actions result in the formulation of our habits. In other words, we desire it, we act on it, and we continue to repeat that cycle. 

What are you craving? This question reminds me of the queries we make of children during a Bible lesson. They are primed to give back the answer they think the teacher wants to hear. Are you feeling that tug? Do you want to respond, “Jesus!” Or do you feel a pang of guilt because what you really crave is to lose ten pounds, or set a new personal record deadlifting, or run that marathon? Believe me, I get it. My first fitness goal was to have toned arms on display as I hold up the microphone when I sing. But along the way I found that Jesus is truly what my spirit was craving. 

What do you crave most? If it is our deepest cravings that set our habits in motion, then we must learn to fix our desire on that which leads us to Christlikeness. Godly habits will help us reach this goal. And our habits matter because as Ann Voskamp points out they are “the spine of our self-control.” It’s no coincidence that self-control is a fruit of the Spirit. Just as fruit goes through a process to mature and ripen so will we as we put in motion the habits found in #PraySweatEatRepeat!

Today’s Assignment: Journal about what you want. Be honest with yourself. Take a look at where your habits have led you and ask yourself is this where I want to be? Pray, listen to God, and find out where He wants to take you!