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"To God Be The Glory" When the God-honoring goals, God has given you come into fruition do not forget to give God glory and praise. If your goal was to be a great parent, grandparent, teacher-student, child, sibling, aunt or uncle give God praise, because the accomplishment of this goal brings him glory and honor! If your God-given goal was to earn your undergrad, graduate or professional degree and you did it, give God Glory and praise. If your God-given goal is to become a grad assistant, professor, intern or educator remember to give God praise. It was only from and through God that your goals were placed within you and were brought to completion. God is glorified in the attainment of the God-honoring goal given to you. Remember to give God glory in the opportunities he places before you because you have (with his provision) achieved goals for his purpose and plan. Give God Glory and Praise! Prayer Thank you, GOD for providing my needs and bringing the goals and desires you placed in me to fruition. I ask for wisdom in what I am called to do with the gifts, God-centered goals and desires you have given me. Without you I am unable to achieve anything. Thank you for the success as I glorify and honor you. You deserve all glory and praise. Thank you. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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God has purposely placed desires and goals in our hearts to fulfill. God-centered goals are designed to bring glory and honor to God. In the Aim Bible Plan, through scripture the reader will absorb the importance of dist...

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