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"Designer of Desire" The desires, goals, aims and purpose(s) you have are all from and for the glorification and honor of God, the ultimate designer. God has specifically assigned the goals you desire to achieve to permanently interlock with his purpose, plan and will for your life. God’s reasons are great and at times we cannot completely understand his overall plan but we must trust that if God has placed a desire in us it is for a specific purpose and he will get all glory and praise. The desires our Designer gives us are custom made exclusively for us. The desire to fit into the custom made plan God has for our lives comes directly from him and we must continuously aim towards those goals as we walk in the path of righteousness. If you’ve ever wondered why you have a strong desire to complete a task that seems impossible, remember God is the designer of success in seemingly impossible situations. God has great plans for each and every one of his children and within those plans are great works. Whatever your desire whether: spiritual, educational, financial, material or relational remember when it aligns biblically with God’s word and honors him; God has placed these desire(s) within you for his purpose and you are to aim towards your goals by keeping him first. Give God praise for designing custom made desires just for you to pursue and achieve as he is glorified. Prayer God, thank you for being the ultimate designer of my Godly desires. God I thank you for creating me according to your good purpose. I receive your promise of prosperity as I prosper in the custom made godly goals you have prepared for me to accomplish and that will glorify and honor you. In Jesus name, Amen.

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God has purposely placed desires and goals in our hearts to fulfill. God-centered goals are designed to bring glory and honor to God. In the Aim Bible Plan, through scripture the reader will absorb the importance of dist...

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