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"Goal Gauging"

Whether personal, professional, financial, relational or spiritual individuals set goals for a variety of reasons. The primary reason one should aim to accomplish any goal that God has placed in their heart is to ultimately honor and glorify him. Goal gauging is an important quality to utilize, in order to discern the difference of self-centered gratification or God-centered honor and glory. There is a distinct difference, all goals that we aim to achieve must without question biblically align to honor and glorify God.

Examples of God centered goals include: exercising love, faith, honor, trust and utmost obedience to God. Although many goals individuals aspire to attain are respectable those very goals they aim to fulfill could potentially be contemptible if the main target of keeping God first is missed. One must apply wisdom to differentiate if any set goal ultimately honors and glorifies God or quenches selfish gain. As you gauge your goals ask God for wisdom and insight to reveal if this goal will glorify him or gratify you.

Our heavenly Father, I ask for and receive your forgiveness for each goal I have strived to achieve that did not glorify and honor you. I ask that you reveal to me the goals that you want me to pursue that align biblically with your plan and purpose for my life. I ask for wisdom and strength to effectively gauge each goal as I seek to honor and glorify you. In Jesus name, AMEN.