How To Be In God's Will

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Once I heard the story of some missionaries who were staying in a primitive African village, ministering to the natives there. One night as the group was praying, several of the missionaries got a warning in their spirit that they should leave because danger was imminent. Most of the group agreed, and they left, but there were several who said, “No, we won’t be chased away – we have authority over that danger, we’re people of faith!” So they stayed behind.

Sadly, that very night some evil men raided that village and they killed the missionaries who stayed behind. Afterwards some people back home heard about it and said, “Why didn’t God protect those missionaries?” Well, He did! But not all the missionaries listened and obeyed. 

I think many times that is the case when we hear of unfortunate things happening. Very often the Spirit of God was there in advance, warning people, but they didn’t listen and obey the promptings.

I also see this scenario when it comes to relationships. A woman dating a man (or vice versa) will say to me, “I don’t think they’re the one for me – I feel like the Lord is telling me to stop seeing them – but I love them so much!” Or they’ll say, “For years I’ve wanted to be married and this might be my only chance.” Or they may name some other reason for not breaking it off. 

I’ve even had people tell me they can’t break up with someone because it would devastate the other person, or the other person has threatened to do something drastic if they do. That’s all the more reason to run fast and run far from them! 

Listen, I understand – no matter who you are, what your age, or how long you’ve been seeing someone, breaking up is hard to do (Neil Sedaka was right!). But it’s not worth hanging onto someone (or something) when the Lord has been nudging you to let them (or it) go. He only wants the best for you. I’ve seen so many lives ruined by ignoring His leading. And it’s really just disobedience – it’s choosing to get out of God’s will.