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How To Be In God's WillSample

How To Be In God's Will

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Sometimes we can be afraid to move forward in a direction because we’re afraid we’ll get out of God’s will. But if you’re earnestly seeking God, there are really only two ways to get out of God’s will. One way is if He has told you to do something -- and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt He’s told you to do it – and you won’t, then that’s out of His will.

What do I mean by that? Well, suppose God has impressed upon your heart to go to Bible school (or some other kind of school). He’s made it clear to you, not once but multiple times. Yet you don’t go. Maybe you have a job or a house or a family or a hundred other reasons why it doesn’t make sense to uproot and go to school. You just pass it by every time the idea comes to your mind, saying, “No, I can’t do that. I’m not going.” 

If God is nudging you to go somewhere, it’s only for your benefit. If you’re resisting Him about it, you’re not in His will. I was an instructor at a Bible school for several years, and I was always surprised by students who came to my office and said things like, “I don’t care what God says, I’m not going back to my home church after I graduate!” I would say, “Really? If God is leading you to go back there, isn’t it for your own good? Do you know more than He does? Are you planning to disobey Him?” Of course they didn’t like it when I put it that way, but in essence that’s what they were saying.

That’s one way we get out of the will of God – knowing what He wants us to do, and not doing it.

The other way to get out of His will is if He has told you not to do something – and you know He’s told you not to do it – but you want to, or you don’t heed His warning, so you do it anyway. Then you’re out of His will too. Both of those ways involve your choices. If you choose to listen for His voice and follow His leading, you won’t get out of His will. And if you make a mistake, He’s big enough to get you back on track because you’re listening to Him.

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How To Be In God's Will

Being in God’s will isn’t a mystery. But sometimes we’re so afraid of getting out of His will that we’re paralyzed from moving forward. Know this: God wants to lead you into His perfect will, and if you miss it, He’s big...


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