Ending Well


Mind, Body, and Soul

You and I entered the world as complete beings—mind, body and soul. And even though we’ve experienced some alteration in some of these areas, we are still complete beings! We are all unique reflections of God’s glory and from healthy wholeness we are best able to love others well. Herein is our greatest purpose in this season.


Our mind, though possibly not as sharp as it once was, is still full of memories and experiences. Hills we were willing to die on became flatlands as those seemingly major issues were tempered by the realities of life. But even with all we’ve learned, our enemy continues to assault us with thoughts of insecurity, rejection, and loneliness. We must remain alert to his tactics and lies that our value is rapidly draining. We must actively take those negative thoughts captive to the truth of Christ and what He says about us before they become patterns we live by. What you believe becomes your reality.


'Life is short, and then we get to die.' This humorous statement means more to me now than it did when I first heard it in my 30s. Life really is short. The longer we live the more we believe it.

We are given one life, one body. It’s true that eventually our bodies will fail us, but until then, we have a choice in how to care for it. As much as is possible we should be moving, eating living foods, getting enough sleep, and enjoying the outdoors. This isn’t just so we can live longer. It’s for quality of life, so we can be the best version of who God created us to be. 


Our soul is the center of our being. It’s the part of us that we often call our heart or spirit. Our soul is the place our joy and even our smile originates. I would venture to say that soul health is even more vital to our well-being than our physical heart condition, for our soul is the residing place of the Holy Spirit. 

While these three parts have separate functions, they work synergistically to make us who we are. Each of these parts take effort and maintenance and yet two of these, our minds and bodies, will eventually fail us. But our soul? Our soul can remain alive and healthy to our very last breath. Our soul thrives as we feed it with words of life and truth from God's word and as we connect and align with His love. When our soul is healthy, we have strength—His supernatural strength—to rise above anything that comes our way. 

You have a vital role to play in your circle of influence—your children, your grandchildren, your extended family, and your friends—which gives you a great reason to take care of yourself. You get to decide today what you will do to be the very best version of yourself. This is important because YOU are important.

What are you doing to exercise and develop your mind, body and soul?