Ending Well


A Choice

It’s a given. We are all getting older each day which, you have to admit, is far better than the alternative. We knew it would happen but it came far too soon. We are the older generation: the seniors, the elders, the aged now on social security and Medicare. Gravity and wrinkles have won the battle, but we are card-carrying members of Silver Sneakers at the gym. There’s gotta be some silver lining to aging, right?

Our once strong bodies now betray us as we discover new aches that weren't there yesterday. It takes us longer to pull ourselves together during those brief times in front of the mirror. Who is that old person that's looking back at me? Where in the world did those wiry white and gray hairs come from? It seems like everything takes a little longer as joints protest and steps are slower. 

But time? Time is not slower. The days and years are racing past and we are faced with the harsh reality that more years are behind us than are before us. 

We only get one shot at this earthly life. In this season, the question we need to ask is how do I end well? Will I sit down and have a pity party because of what I can no longer do? Will I mourn the loss of time? Or will I look forward with expectancy and decide to live these final years with purpose, no matter my age or limitations?

Which will you choose?

Our enemy is banking on the idea that we will give up, hoping we will agree with him that we are no longer needed or necessary. But you and I can stand strong against him, persevering in our Kingdom position of experience and wisdom. 

This role is vital and of eternal importance for those who come behind us. Will we accept and believe it?

Spend a few days with me to see what God’s word has to say about ending well. 

(Consider reading today's scriptures from The Passion Translation)