Closer to God Each Day


Peace in Any Circumstance

The peace that passes all understanding is a great thing to experience (Philippians 4:7). When, according to all the circumstances, you should be upset, in a panic, in turmoil, and worried yet you have peace, that is unexplainable. The world is starving for this kind of peace. You cannot buy it; it is not for sale. It is a free gift from God that comes out of a deep, abiding closeness to Him, and it leads to unspeakable joy.

Peace comes when you turn over your burden to the Lord—when you choose to cast your care on Him instead of keeping it for yourself. The sooner you do this the better. Commit your problems to God the moment you have one. Don’t even try to handle them on your own. The longer you wait, the harder it is to break free from worry and anxiety.

Because God has promised that He is always with us, we can have incredible peace and joy…even in the midst of tribulation. Only He can give us that. That is what it means to have a peace that passes all understanding.

The believer who is experiencing God’s peace through his relationship with Jesus can have peace even in the midst of life’s toughest storms.