Closer to God Each Day


When You Feel Insecure

Many people have feelings of insecurity about themselves because they can’t accept themselves for who they are. Are you tired of being under pressure, wearing masks, trying to be someone you aren’t? Wouldn’t you like the freedom just to be accepted as you are, without pressure to be someone you really don’t know how to be?

With God’s help, we can learn our value is not in what we do but in who we are in Him. He wants us to come to Him as we are and trust Him to help us be all that He wants us to be.

The devil’s plan is to deceive us into basing our worth on our performance, and then keep us focused on all our faults and shortcomings. Satan wants us to have a low opinion of ourselves so we’ll pull away from God, and be miserable and unreceptive to His blessings, because we don’t think we deserve them.

It is so important to develop a positive sense of being valuable, and being secure in Christ. Make a decision to accept yourself because that is what Jesus has already done. He will never reject anyone who comes to Him. You are greatly loved and highly valued!

God knows your faults and He loves you anyway. Nothing will ever change His love for you.