Closer to God Each Day


The Greatest Blessing

The quickest way to be blessed is to decide to be a blessing to others. When you choose to have a generous heart that reaches out to meet the needs of those around you, God pours His provision into your life. A person who is a river of blessing never runs dry.

Something deep in the heart of every believer wants to help others. However, selfishness can make us so aggressive about our own desires that we become oblivious to the needs around us.

People are hurting everywhere. Some are poor; others are sick or lonely. Still others are emotionally wounded or have spiritual needs. A simple act of kindness to a hurting person can make that individual feel loved and valuable.

People can get caught in the trap of striving to have more and more. The struggle often produces little or no results. With God’s help, we can strive to excel in giving to others. If we do so, we will find that God makes sure we have enough to meet our own needs plus plenty to give away.

There is no greater blessing than giving to others in need.