Bible Explorer for the Young (Deuteronomy)


Be a Helping Hand

Romans 12:13

Share with the Lord’s people who are in need.

God told the Israelites that, if they saw a lost sheep or ox, they should not ignore it. Instead, they should bring it back to the owner. If they did not know who the owner was, they should bring it home and wait till the owner came looking for it. When they brought the lost animal home, it means they would have to take care of it including feeding, cleaning, and sheltering it, regardless of how long it would take till the owner came. God was teaching them to be a helping hand to others and also to do it sincerely. 

You and I do not live alone in this society. There are times when you need a helping hand from others, and there are times when you can be a helping hand to others. You can help your friends and family in times of need and vice versa. Even a simple form of help can make a great impact. 

You can start by being a helping hand in your own family. Ask your parents or your siblings how you can help them today. No act of helping is ever too small as long as you do it with a sincere and happy heart.


Dear God, help me to be a helping hand to others. Show me how to reach out to the people in need and to love them with Your love. Amen.