Bible Explorer for the Young (Deuteronomy)


Our God is 100% Faithful.

Deuteronomy 7:9

He is the faithful God. He will keep His agreement of love for a thousand lifetimes.

Gravity is a force of attraction that pulls together all objects. No matter how big or how small an object being thrown up it will fall back to the ground. Regardless of the weather, that object will always fall back to the ground. Gravity is totally faithful to do its job 100 % of the time.

God told the Israelites that, even though they were the smallest nation, He chose them simply because He loved them. He was faithful. Thus He kept His promises that He made to Abram, Isaac, and Jacob. 

God also shows His faithfulness to all of us. Millions of years have passed. Seasons change. The earth becomes different somehow. But there is one thing that will never change: God’s faithfulness. He is 100% faithful.

Even when you feel little, God is with you. Even when you feel unimportant, God is with you. God is with you whenever you are happy or sad. Just believe in Him because He is faithful and He loves you.


Dear faithful God, here I come to commit all my trust into Your hands. In you I find peace. Amen.