God Is Forever

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Praise is fleeting, but GOD is forever 

I have a special email folder labeled “Encouragement.” Whenever a kind, thoughtful word comes my way, I drag that message into that folder. I save it for a rainy day when my critics are many and my motivation is minuscule.

If you’ve ever been encouraged, you know the emotional power of praise. Perhaps you can even remember the exact words your father, professor, or coach spoke to you all those years ago. “Well done, son!” or “You really impressed me!” are sentences that we save in a special folder in our hearts.

The problem, however, is that praise is fleeting. Few people pay attention to our efforts or bother to say anything nice at all. You can work your tail off for months and receive nothing more than your required paycheck. You can change a dozen diapers a day and get zero thanks. You can be a good neighbor, a dedicated volunteer at church, or a selfless spouse and hear crickets (or critiques of what you failed to do well).

This, by contrast, is why I adore GOD. The eternal GOD, in sheer mercy, not only forgives us in Christ but dares to praise the good works that we do. Even if our efforts are the smallest things done for the “least of these” on earth, King Jesus will one day shout, “Well done,” words that will echo throughout eternity (Matthew 25:21).

So, when people forget to praise you (or notice you at all), remember the GOD who always sees and whose praise endures forever.