[#life Series] Parenting Part 2


Being the only ones

One of our greatest fear as humans is that we may end up being the only ones. What does it mean to be the only ones? As kids, if our parents told us it was pajama day at school, before getting out of the car, we wanted to make sure that it was indeed pajama day. We did not want to be the only ones in a tiger onesie!

As parents, we fear, with our kids, that they might be excluded or singled out. But we should be aware there will be a time when we will be the only ones. Then, we will trust in the Lord with all of our heart and lean not on our own understanding like never before. What should we respond if one of our kids says, “I might be the only one”? Muster all the love and firmness you can and say: “Great. It will make you a better person.”

Why? Because we hope, as parents, that our kids can stand alone some other times. Hopefully, they will be the only ones not drinking at that party, the only ones not doing drugs, not cheating, not talking back, not messing around on a date, not lying to people, and the only ones who are respecting authority.

Do you see? We must have the character and strength to raise our kids to be the only ones at times. Sometimes they have to stand alone. Don’t let your fear short-circuit their opportunity to trust in the Lord in standing alone. 

There is another reward we can count on. Every time we trust in the Lord, something happens: He directs our paths. That is what we want for our kids. We want God to direct them to the right friends, the right high school, the right college, the right vocation, or the right spouse. We want Him to direct their paths and ours.

We want our kids to trust in the Lord so they will walk in God’s will. Our trust in the Lord grows deepest when we are by ourselves, and have no one else to turn to but Him.