[#life Series] Parenting Part 2

Day 10 of 10 • This day’s reading


A Melody in the Heart

My younger son is 18. He is going off to college next year, so these are our last months with him. I drove him to school one day. He had his music playing in the car. I pulled up and I dropped him off. He got out of the car, the music was going, and as he began to walk away from the car, the connection got weaker and weaker. With a tear in my eye, I thought, “That is what parenting is like.”

When our kids are little, we have bedtime where we can minister to them. When they get a little older, we have car time where we can minister to them. We should all let our kids pick the music in the car, by the way, because that is a great time with them. When they start driving, we can minister to them late at night.

They are so close. They are in the car with you. You are listening to the same songs. When they grow up, even though parenting never ends, it has a distance to it, it is a little bit different. But here is the deal: I want to have put the right melodies in his pocket. When kids are older, they are still connected. The song’s still playing; I am just not close enough to hear it on a daily basis in that realm.

As parents, we are putting the melody in their heart to sing unto the Lord. We don’t really have a lot of control whether they sing the song or not, but we know the song is in there.

I encourage you, as a parent, or as a student or single person, let’s put the right melodies into our heart first. Then, let’s teach them to others and to our kids.

Our Father is an amazing God. He is so wonderful and so kind. He understands parenting. He gave His only Son for us. We are not alone in this. 

Take a moment and thank God for your kids, your family, and your parents; lay them all before Him: “Lord, we lay our kids, our families, our parents before You. We love You. Work in our families.” Now, take a moment to pray as we started this reading plan: “Jesus, I am doing the best I can, but I need You. I trust in You.”

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