[#life Series] Parenting Part 2

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Strength for our bones

Do we understand how exhausting sin is? How tiring lies are? How detrimental, even to our physical body? If you don’t believe this, just Google the rock stars that you loved when you were a kid to see what they look like now. You will see people who aged really quickly and carry the ravages of the road on their face, because the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). Sin will age you or it will kill you. I know sometimes it is hard to believe that, but that is the way it goes.

This is the story of a couple of friends who were worried because of the recent bad behavior of a common friend we will call Joe. One of them said to the other, “We need to go to talk to Joe. He is basically blowing up his life. We just need to show up, sit down with him, and say, ‘Brother, it stops today.’” So, they both drove to Joe’s house. Joe was surprised by the sudden visit. The three of them sat down at the kitchen table and one said, “Brother, it stops today. We came to confront you on the double life you are living, because we love you and we care for you.” Joe stood up. He didn’t know what to say or what to do. His mind was racing. Finally, he grabbed the sides of the kitchen table, put his head down, and started sobbing. The other friend asked, “What has it been like?” And Joe, with big tears running down his cheeks, said, “It is so exhausting. It is so exhausting.” He didn’t say, “Oh, it has been awesome to gratify my flesh. It has been incredible do what I want to do.” He just sobbed, “It is so exhausting.”

Sin is exhausting, and it will kill you or it will age you, but it will never bless you. Cultivate humility and holiness in your own life, and coach your kids to do the same, so that together you can shun evil, have health in your bones, and have strength in your body. When we cultivate a character of holiness and humility in our own lives, and coach our kids to do the same, what will the result be? Healing and strength.