Jesus and the Coronavirus: Constructive Thoughts (Hillsong London)


Examine Yourself


Times of public panic force us to align our professed belief with our actual belief. In this time of discomfort and uncertainty, allow yourself space to check your heart’s deepest loyalties. 

Humbly ask God to reveal to you where your trust really lies. Trust Him to transform you as you pray and read His word. Ultimately, faith comes from hearing the Word of God.

Become comfortable being uncomfortable, and allow your heart to rest in the one who is the anchor for our souls. Trust in God! 


Today, write down a list of things that you habitually rely on in your everyday life - perhaps your bank balance or your spouse. Surrender control of your life again to God in prayer. Spend a moment in scripture to allow your faith in Christ to be refreshed.

Jesus, I give you my life. Help me to transfer my trust from the material things to you. I am reminded of your loving and faithful character today.