I'm Confident


Our God Is Still Working In Us

By the time the Apostle Paul was writing his first letter to Timothy, he was well aware that his confidence came from God alone. Paul felt so strongly about this he put it in the first part of his letter. In 1 Timothy 1:12-16, Paul recounts his wretched shortcomings and God’s stunning grace. He calls himself the worst of all sinners. Why would God use a God-denying, Christian-killing, hateful, jerk like Paul to build His church? Paul suggests it was God’s way of leaving us no chance to claim we had done too much ______ for God to use us. In other words, if God was still working in Paul, He’s still working in us.

In Philippians 2:13, Paul explains God’s methods. He gives us both the desire and the power to please Him. Yet, He relies on us to choose the right way. In the next few verses, Paul reminds the Philippians not to complain, argue or, stray from innocent living. Paul wanted us to know that God will provide the passion and the power if we’ll choose to get on the path.

We can say, “I’m confident,” not because our credentials are admirable, or our passion is unshakable, but because our Creator is faithful. He started all this work in us, and He’s faithful to complete it.

Try this: Think of something you’ve given up on. Ask God to show you how He’s still working in it. Take the first step to join God in His work.