I'm Confident

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Our God Always Helps Us

The deadline is nearing, the bank account is draining, a child is wandering, a marriage is muddied, the final project is looming, hope is fluttering, and a voice in your mind says, “you’re on your own this time.” Nothing destroys confidence quite like the notion that the only thing separating your life from your greatest fear is you. Why? Because deep down—beneath a pile of tough fronts and costumed confidence - we know we’re far too thin and cracked to dam up a flood of discouragement.

Well, that was depressing. No wait, it’s not. This idea that we can’t do it alone actually promises comfort for the lonely and rest for the weary. God didn’t intend for us to go at it alone. When we realize we can’t, we open up the floodgates to the One Who can. His power is made perfect in our weakness. We may be frail, but He’s strong. We may be cracked, but He fills us. He is our constant help in times of trouble. He is our comforter in the scariest low places, and He’s the one who says, “Hey! Lay down and take a rest next to this peaceful stream.” He is NOT, the one who says, “You’re on your own this time.” In fact, I’m confident because He’s the one who says, “I am with you always.”

Try this: Think about facing the one thing that makes you feel most uneasy right now. Now, realize you don’t have the strength to face it alone and rely on God to be your confidence as you take the next step.