I'm Confident

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Our God Is Always For Us

Movies, books, culture, and people we love have all said, “just follow your heart.” There’s a problem, our heart perpetually seeks its own good. We may help others, because it feels good. We may love our children, because they love us back. It goes without saying, self-serving love can get uglier still. Being your own tour guide through life is a tiring, never-ending, always-wanting way to live. So what’s the alternative?

You might have heard option B is to do your best to please God, so you can have a good, and even eternal, life. This pursuit is also problematically self-serving. This thinking says, “I work hard, so I can please God, so I can have ______.” Instead, what if we think like this, “We please God, thanks to what He did for us through Jesus.” We don’t follow our heart; we follow His.

We don’t live for the approval of God. We live from His approval. When God gave us Christ, He took away our power to get further approved by Him. Christ became the measurement of a believer’s place with God. What now? We can’t build up our confidence with good works for others. But neither can it be torn down by bad words from others. If God is for us, who can be against us? If God gave His only Son for us while we were still guilty, what would He spare on our behalf? We don’t have to live for us, because Jesus died for us. In fact, our God is always for us. I’m confident. Not because of what I do, but because of Who He is.

Consider: Is there anything you think you’re doing for God that you may actually be doing for yourself? How can you start living from His approval instead?