Modesty: The Truth About Clothes

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"The Freedom Of Modesty"

Modesty can easily be taken to extremes. People say that unless women cover every inch of skin, men will lust and women will compare. Hoping to prevent this, they tell us how low shirts can go and how many inches a pair of shorts should be. Others take it to another extreme saying that modesty is old fashioned and suppresses women’s rights. They believe that it is our right to show as much of our bodies as we like as long as it makes us feel good. The problem is that both these, and other extremes, divert us away from the true outcome and blessing of modesty, which is freedom and protection.

Through modesty God frees us from the need to receive approval from men or women, protects our minds, allowing us to live with the confidence of His truth and protects us from thinking that our beauty has anything to do with our outer appearance. Without God’s protection and freedom we tend to dress hoping for the label of sexy, gorgeous or beautiful. We want to be noticed, encouraged and affirmed for how we look. The problem is that those labels are a temporary fix for what is really going on in our hearts. Our hearts are longing to be loved and sought after and no worldly label has the power to change our hearts or give true self-confidence. These labels only deceive us and lead to more emptiness, pride, complacency, and comparisons. God didn’t design us to live this way. He designed us to live with freedom, confidence and protection. To give us an alternative God designed modesty. He knew that if we would dive into modesty we could gain a healthy perspective of our bodies and begin to live with all that God has to offer. This happens because through modesty we seek Him.

Modesty doesn’t restrict us; it brings true life and real freedom. Don’t let people’s extremes water down God’s definition, intention and blessing of modesty. Begin to live the life that God created you to live by diving into the heart of what modesty really is, a guide to living with freedom and protection