Modesty: The Truth About Clothes

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"The Purpose Of Modesty"

Life can be full of excuses and justifications. In the area of our clothes we can often hear excuses similar to “God looks at our hearts, not our clothes” or “it’s not my fault that men lack self-control” or “I dress more modestly than others.” These excuses are easy to say and believe when we don’t grasp the purpose of modesty. God didn’t create modesty so that people would stop comparing or lusting. These things are sometimes by-products but they are not the purpose.

The purpose of modesty is holiness. God created us to be holy, meaning we are to be set apart from everything that is opposite His truth. Holiness is not achieved by being good or following moral rules; it’s achieved through seeking to be so intimate with God that you can’t breathe without Him.

One of the biggest hindrances to holiness is our self. We begin to focus on what we want, how we need to feel, and how we want to be viewed by others. We dress in a way that allows us to achieve these necessary wants and feelings. We loose the fact that life is not about us but about God. When this happens lines get blurred, excuses rise to the surface and justifications invade our hearts. God, knowing this, advises us to implement the principle of modesty. He knows that striving for modesty will help us downgrade our personal desire and need to feel significant, redirecting our focus onto His truth. God cares about how we live our lives. No excuses or justification will change that. I pray that you begin to see modesty as a tool to help guide you into a lifestyle of holiness.