Modesty: The Truth About Clothes

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"What Modesty Is"

Growing up when I heard the word modesty I thought about turtlenecks and ankle- length skirts. Thankfully, I couldn’t have been more wrong. When we really dig into the concept of modesty, we learn that it’s a lifestyle, not a style of clothing. It is about living in such a way that all our actions, including the way we dress, point people to Jesus instead of ourselves. When God talks about modest dress He isn’t commanding us to cover up every inch of who or how He made us. Instead, He is showing us how to decrease so that He can increase in our lives and be glorified.

For the next few days we are going to concentrate on how the principle of modesty affects what we wear. God knew that modesty in this area would be hard! He knew that we would want to wear certain clothes that make us fit in, feel sexy, and gain stares of approval. He knew that the way we dress would be an area that would draw our attention away from Him. Therefore, He introduces us to modesty.

In a world and culture inundated with ways to please self, God knew that we would need a reminder that beauty comes from Him, not from our clothes. Modesty wasn’t designed to frustrate us, God designed modesty to help keep our lives and bodies focused on Him instead of ourselves. Over the next few days take the opportunity to see modesty for what it truly is, living and dressing in a way that points people to Jesus! Open your heart and allow God to wipe away any preconceived ideas and start allowing God to show you what dressing modestly is really all about.