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The necessary beginning point in studying the theme of “the kingdom of God” is the Bible’s opening verse. Here we meet the Sovereign of all the Universe, whose realm, reign, and regency are described at the outset.

1) His realm (or scope of His rule) is transcendent; that is, not only does it include the entire physical universe, but it exceeds it. He existed before all creation, He expands beyond it, and by virtue of having begotten it, He encompasses all that it is.

2) His reign (or the power by which He rules) is exercised by His will, His word, and His works. By His own will He creatively decides and designs; by His own word He speaks creation into being; and by His own works His Spirit displays His unlimited power.

3) His regency (or authority to rule) is in His preexistence and holiness. He is there before creation “in the beginning.” Thus, as its Creator, He deserves to be its Potentate. His benevolent intent in creating things “good” reveals His holy nature (that is, complete and perfect), and thus His moral right to be creation’s King. All kingdom power and authority flow from Him.