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The Strength of Christ’s Unity CALL TO UNITY

Unity is a triple-braided cord. One friend plus another plus Christ make the cord not easily broken. Our commitment to Christ binds us irrevocably to each other. We find our oneness in Him (John 17:21–23). We begin to think, feel, hope, and work with unity of purpose and direction.

When Christ is the source and center of a friendship, negative forces cannot pull us apart. There is a buffer of Christ’s grace when we fail or disappoint each other. We belong to Him and to each other in spite of what happens around us. Christ longs for us to know the same oneness with one another that He has with the Father (verse 11).

To implement the answer to His own prayer for us, He engenders in us love, forgiveness, and patience for one another. When Christ is the unbreakable strand in the triple-braided cord, it cannot be severed. Praise Him for truly great friendships in which He is the strength of the relationship.