Truth Defined: Why Does Truth Matter?

Day 3 of 3 • This day’s reading


A common theme throughout Scripture is the abiding relationship God makes available to us.

This type of relationship is the kind God wanted with Adam and Eve before they chose to try life apart from God. But their choice to disobey God’s instructions, His laws, created a disconnection between humanity and God. 

In His goodness, God already had a plan—Jesus—to restore what was broken between Him and His creation. 

What you'll read today is a plea by a man named John, who was a disciple of Jesus, a learner of Jesus' ways, writing to people being pulled away from God. 

Knowing that God's desire is an eternal connection, John wastes no words when it comes to challenging His readers not to abandon what they know to be true about God. Today, His Word serves as an excellent reminder to be on guard against sneaky lies masquerading as truth.

Lies can come to us looking like advertising, song lyrics, overheard conversations, or even your own thoughts. The danger they represent can take a while to see, but they still put us in danger.

Both believing a lie or living a lie will lead you away from the truth and the peace that God offers.

As a follower of Jesus, God has promised that His Holy Spirit lives within you. You can trust that what the Spirit and the Word of God reveal is the truth– the Spirit will teach you everything you need to know.

Is there a lie that you have believed about yourself or about God? What Bible verse reminds you of the truth?