Truth Defined: Why Does Truth Matter?

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Today's Scripture challenges us to be holy as God is holy. Once we are born again, we are to live our lives as those who have been transformed by God’s grace, and by His power. 

Out of context and without the understanding of how God loves and empowers us, being holy sounds impossible...and honestly, it is. 

One of the first lessons a person learns when they start to drive is: whatever you focus on determines where you go. This truth can be found in the Bible too— we become what we behold.

Focus on the past and your mistakes, and you’ll find yourself headed back toward that same dead end. Focus on God, His holiness, and what His Holy Spirit gives you the grace to do, and you will discover that you are equipped to live a changed  and joyful life.

It’s common sense to recognize that something is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. No one would really argue that, right?

When you stop and remember that God looked at you and considered you worth His son, Jesus, as a ransom, you can see just how much He loves and values you.

The phrase “reverent fear” can seem a little...intense, so let’s break it down. How would you define “reverent” in your own words? What about “fear” (think Bible, not scary movie). Do you feel like you have a reverent fear towards God? Why or why not?